Harald Szeemann Grant HSG

The IKT Harald Szeemann Grant offers an IKT member or new candidate the possibility to attend the upcoming IKT Congress, even if his/her financial situation does not allow him/her to do so. It is possible to apply for the Harald Szeemann Grant several times, provided that the financial situation still requires it. However, the grant will not be attributed more than twice to the same person.

The IKT board decides who will receive the grant. The decision of the board is irrevocable.

The € 500 grant includes the membership fee of € 50 for one year. The remaining € 450 will be given in cash to the laureate at the beginning of the congress. The laureate has to pay the travel and accommodation costs in advance. All other expenses are to be covered by the laureate him/herself.

The form for the IKT Congress 2020 can be downloaded here.