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IKT Congress 2021 goes hybrid
on interconnectivity

October 16, 2021

Dear colleagues close and far,

We hope this newsletter finds you well and safe while we continue to navigate these challenging times.
The pandemic is making it impossible to plan anything, let alone knowing when we will be able to meet again in person. Nevertheless – or maybe exactly because of this – interconnectivity seems to be a crucial topic these days: With whom or with what are we connected? How can we stay in touch? How can we broaden our reach without losing the intimacy of small gatherings?
Given the uncertainty of international travels, and the uneven global pace of vaccinations, we decided to once again shift our annual in-person gathering, previously planned for September 2021, to a hybrid combination of virtual presentations and in-person local gatherings, during which we will explore these questions from a variety of perspectives, depending on where you find yourself on this planet.
For some of our members these are environmental questions connected to the issues touched upon in our IKT 2020 Virtual Meeting, when we discussed raising awareness of ecological interrelations. For others these are highly political questions as in times of decreed interpersonal distance, it is difficult to join forces and fight for justice or human rights. For others yet, these are professional questions in times when it is impossible to travel or ship art works. And these are only three examples of many other ways the challenge of interconnectivity might unfold.  
The actual 2021 Congress will consist of two parts, decentralized and merged, locally focused and globally broadcasted. In the first part, 15-20 national hosts, selected from an open call, will be invited to create local programs focusing on one aspect of interconnectivity important to the participants. The form of these decentralized intimate IKT meetings is completely open to the hosts: it might include an open talk, a discussion on an exhibition or cultural activities/politics, performances, a manifestation in public space or other kinds of creative/discursive events. It is only essential that the organizers provide a compiling video of the results (1 to 20 minutes maximum).
The second part of the IKT Congress 2021, to be held on October 16, 2021 will become a kind of streaming festival: a diverse, exuberant 24-hour program that will be broadcasted following a precise program schedule, featuring the local contributions from all over the world and life acts by selected artists commissioned by the German team of organizers of the IKT Congress. This part will include the General Assembly, with board and presidential elections, and votes for the upcoming (physical) IKT hosts in 2022 and 2023.
We therefore invite you to send us a proposal, including a 500 max word description of your idea, a list of potential participants, including local host and partners, if any, and a preliminary timeline.

Proposals should be sent to with the Subject Line: “Proposal for 2021 IKT Congress” by June 20, 2021. The final submission of all contributions is September 15, 2021.

IKT is committed to award ten Harald Szeemann Grants, each of € 1.000, as a financial contribution towards local organisers’ events. If you wish to apply for this grant, please add a budget draft to your proposal.
We look forward to receiving your ideas and to reconnect in the fall!
Kindest regards,
IKT Board

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