Criteria for choosing a Host venue/city

In order to help IKT members decide whether they would like to propose a location to host a future IKT congress, the board has drawn up a list of criteria. Please feel free to contact the board to discuss further any ideas you may have.

For practical questions, please also see our guidelines for IKT congress organizers.

What sort of venue is IKT looking for?

A city or region with an active art scene for IKT members to discover (ie. with a strong developing artistic community, galleries, art centers, foundations, public institutions) and preferably with an already existing, small network of IKT members.

An art scene that could benefit from the presence of a large group of international curators.

What is needed to host an IKT congress?

An experienced organizer who is a member of IKT. This can either be a curator working for an institution (museum, biennial, magazine, etc.), or a freelancer, but in the latter case, it is recommended that they collaborate with an institution in order to provide sufficient logistical back up.
The organizer should be able to demonstrate his or her ability to raise funds in the host country in the public or private sector (including in-kind support).
At least two venues that are large enough to hold between 100 and 150 people to host the members' forum, General Assembly and the symposium, ideally some form of auditorium.
A budget of approximately 25,000 – 35,000 euros (depending on the local costs) which would be used to cover transport during the congress (usually the rental of 2-3 coaches), food for the participants, any additional events, the costs of the organizer.
For distant locations (ie. outside Europe), subsidy possibilities for members' travel and/or accommodation.
Hospitality partners for receptions or meetings.

How can a possible venue be put forward?

If you would like to host an IKT congress, please write a short outline and submit it to the board for further discussion. This should include a number of venues to visit, any attractive special events (new museum, biennial, festival), the specific interest of the artistic scene in the country together with the originality of the proposal, as well as the organizational credibility of the candidate.
You may then be invited to create a more detailed presentation to make in front of the IKT members at the annual General Assembly, on which occasion the members will vote for their preferred venue.
The presentation should be made 2-3 years prior to the congress in question.
A final vote is made the year before the congress is to take place, once the candidate has secured the majority of the funding and hospitality partnerships to host the congress and can provide a preliminary outline of the congress schedule.