Important Travel Information 2020

IKT Pre-Congress Ruhr District
31st  March - 2nd April 2020, 2 nights
Starting point of the Pre-Congress is Duisburg, only a stone’s throw away from Dusseldorf International Airport. There is a direct train from Dusseldorf Airport to Duisburg Central Station (Hbf.). The journey takes only 10 minutes.

Accommodation in Essen, 31st March, 1 night
List of possible hotels etc.

NH Essen****, Am Porscheplatz 9, 45127 Essen
Rooms from € 154,00 per night.

Top CCL Hotel Essener Hof****, Am Handelshof 5, 45127 Essen
Rooms from € 130,00 per night.

Ghotel Hotel and Living Essen***, Hachestrasse 63, 45127 Essen
Rooms from € 120,00 per night.

IntercityHotel Essen***, Hachestrasse 10, 45127 Essen
Rooms from € 111,00 per night.

Apart Hotel Tu-Tu, Maxstrasse 15, 45127 Essen
Rooms from € 70,00 per night.

For those who want to look for an alternative accommodation, our depart point for Dortmund the morning of 1st April will be near Essen Central Station (time and exact location to be confirmed).

Accommodation in Dortmund 1st April, 1 night
List of possible hotels etc.

NH Hotel Dortmund****, Königswall 1, 44137 Dortmund
Rooms from € 91,00 per night.

Boutique 102 Dortmund City****, Kampstrasse 102-104, 44137 Dortmund
Rooms from 105,00 per night.

Hotel Königshof Hauptbahnhof Superior***, Königswall 4-6, 44137 Dortmund
Rooms from 128,00 per night.

B&B Hotel Dortmund City, Burgwall 5, 44135 Dortmund
Rooms from € 69,00 per night.

For those who want to look for an alternative accommodation, our depart point for Osnabruck the morning of 2nd April will be near Dortmund Central Station (time and exact location to be confirmed).

IKT Congress Osnabruck/Historical Westphalia
2nd-5th April 2020, 3 nights

Osnabruck will be the HQ during the IKT Congress in Westphalia. From here visits to exhibitions and the art scene in Osnabruck, Mettingen, Bielefeld, Herford and Munster are planned. The “City of Peace” can be easily reached by train or plane. The nearest airport is Munster/Osnabruck Airport (FMO) about 35 km from the city centre. From the airport there is a bus that goes every hour to the city centre of Osnabruck (see schedule here). The bus takes about € 45 minutes and costs € 12,50. The price for taxis is around € 60,00.

Accommodation in Osnabruck, 2nd-5th April 2020, 3 nights
Osnabruck offers accommodation of all price categories and standards, many are within walking distance to the venues of the IKT Congress and to the arrival/departure point of the buses.

List of possible hotels, etc.

Vienna House Remarque Osnabrück****, Natruper-Tor-Wall 1, 49076 Osnabruck  
Rooms from € 95,00 per night.
Across the street from Kunsthalle Osnabruck.

Holiday Inn Osnabruck****, Niedersachsenstrasse 5, 49074 Osnabruck
Rooms from € 80,00 per night.

Bergmann Boarding House****, Schwedengasse 2, 49074 Osnabruck
Apartments from € 80,00 per night.

Vienna House Easy Osnabruck***, Neuer Graben 39, 49074 Osnabruck
Rooms from € 75,00 per night.

B&B Hotel Osnabruck, Hamburger Strasse 10, 49084 Osnabruck
Rooms from € 65,00 per night.

For those who want to look for an alternative accommodation, please note that our bus departures and drop-offs will be from the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus | Museumsquartier (Lotter Str. 2, 49078 Osnabruck).

Departing from Munster
Sunday 5th April 2020 we will be travelling by bus from Osnabruck to Munster, our last stop of the IKT Congress. From here the participants will depart individually after the end of the Congress around 5pm – either by train from Munster Central Station or by plane from Munster/Osnabruck Airport or other airports.
To Munster Airport there is a regular bus departing from Munster Central Station (max. costs € 7,60).
A taxi ride from Munster Central Station to the airport takes about 30 minutes and costs about € 40,00.