IKT Congress 2020

Registration is now open for the 2020 IKT Congress in the historical Westphalia in Germany (2nd–5th April) and for the Pre-Congress in the Ruhr District (31st March–2nd April).

Dear IKT Members!

Registration is now open for the 2020 IKT Congress in the historical Westphalia in Germany (2nd–5th April) and for the Pre-Congress in the Ruhr District (31st March–2nd April). Please see the preliminary programme here.

To register, please click the link to the registration form.

The IKT Board is delighted to present an overview of our forthcoming IKT Congress organised by IKT President Julia Draganovic, IKT Members Friederike Fast (Curator at Museum Marta, Herford), IKT Assistant Monika Kordhanke (Kunsthalle Osnabruck), Elisabeth Lumme (Curator at Neue Gesellschaft für Zeitgenössische Kunst /hase29, Osnabruck) and Roland Nachtigäller (Director of Museum Marta).

After 30 years, IKT returns to Germany. It was in 1990, the year of Germany’s reunification, that IKT members visited the soon to be new capital of Berlin. In 2020 the annual focus will be on the lively local art scenes in Northern Germany. Due to an early civic engagement by citizens in almost every middle-sized city, Germany has developed a unique supporting system for contemporary art consisting in a variety of art centres. The IKT Congress in 2020 will introduce its’ members to museums, Kunsthallen and Kunstvereine in the cities of Bielefeld, Herford, Osnabruck, Mettingen and Munster, as well as to public art festivals like Sculpture Projects Munster.

Osnabruck will be the HQ for the IKT Congress 2020. You should book your accommodation there and join the daily bus trips. Check-in is from Thursday 2nd April, 6:00-8:00pm, during a welcome reception at Osnabruck Town Hall in the historical Peace Hall where in 1648 after 30 years of war the Westphalian Peace Treaty was signed. Registration is also available at 9am on Friday 3rd April at Kunsthalle Osnabruck where at 9:45am our Congress will commence with our Members Forum.

The IKT Symposium 2020 takes place on Saturday 4th April at Museum Marta Herford and is inspired by the fact that due to the use of mobile devices image production has become a daily habit for almost everybody. Under the title “The World of Images – Everyone is a Producer” the symposium will explore the consequence of the saturation/technological advances of image making on artists, curators and the audience.

The Pre-Congress will start in the Ruhr District on Tuesday 31st March in Duisburg. Buses will be available to guide us to former industrial sites and new architectural landmarks dedicated to the arts in the cities like Essen, Dortmund and Unna. To book your accommodation for the Pre-Congress, please check further travel recommendations here.

A detailed schedule of the IKT Congress and Pre-Congress will be posted on the IKT website by 22nd November 2019.

We are thrilled to announce that the IKT Board is able to increase the number of IKT Harald Szeemann Grants. Grant application deadline is 31st December 2019. Successful grantees will be notified no later than 20th January 2020. You will find a link to the grant application form and guidelines here.

We are very much looking forward to this IKT Congress in Germany and hope to see you there next spring!

Kindest regards,
IKT Board