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IKT Congress History


2019 – Miami FL, USA & Havana, Cuba | Minutes of the General Assembly 2019 [PDF]

Program IKT Congress in Miami, 11-14 April 2019 | IKT Post-Congress in Havana, Cuba, 15-18 April 2019

Topic: ARTiculating Sustainability: Resilience in the Climate Crisis?, organized by Susan Caraballo, Miami/Havana, member of IKT Miami Executive Committee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2018 – Gdansk, Poland & Vilnius, Lithuania

Program IKT Congress in Gdansk, Poland, 10-13 May 2018 | IKT Post-Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania, 14-15 May 2018

Topic: The Common Grounds: Learning from Contexts and Communities, organized by Zofia Cielatkowska, Warsaw, in collaboration with IKT and Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk.

2017 – Oslo & Tromsø, Norway | Minutes of the General Assembly 2017 [PDF]

Program IKT Congress in Oslo, 19-21 May 2017 | IKT Post-Congress in Tromsø, 22-23 May 2017

Topic: CSV: Sápmi from Sámi Perspectives, organized by curators Katya García Antón (OCA), Eva González-Sancho and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk (OSLO PILOT), with the collaboration of institutions and contemporary art initiatives in the North of Norway/Sapmi

2016 – Brussels & Wallonia | Flanders, Belgium

Program IKT Congress in Brussels, 20–22 May 2016 | IKT Pre-Congress in Wallonia and Flanders, 18 & 19 May 2016

Topic: Traveling Models, beyond divides – curating transdisciplinarity, organized by Emmanuel Lambion

2015Vienna, Austria & Budapest, Hungary | Bratislava, Slovakia

Program IKT Congress in Vienna, 23-26 April 2015 | IKT Post-Congress in Budapest, Hungary and Bratislava, Slovakia, 27-29 April 2015

Topic: Financing in Crisis, organized by Katalin Timar

2014Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

IKT Congress 2014 – final programme [PDF]

Topic: Art and curatorial practice in zones of conflict, organized by Miguel Amado

2013Madrid, Spain / Minutes of the General Assembly 2013 [PDF]

IKT Congress 2013 – final programme [PDF]

Topic: Curating value, organized by Zoe Gray

2012Tel Aviv, Israel / Minutes of the General Assembly 2012 [PDF]

IKT Congress 2012 – final programme [PDF] | IKT congress credits [PDF]

Topic: Curating the new politics, organized by Stephen Foster

2011Luxembourg, Luxembourg / Minutes of the General Assembly 2011 [PDF]

IKT Congress 2011 – final programme [PDF]

Topic: What is the good of mediation in contemporary art, organized by Maria Lind

2010Athens, Greece

Topic: Courage!!!


IKT Congress 2009 – final programme

Topic: Politics of belonging

2008Montreal, Canada / Minutes of the General Assembly 2008 [DOC]

IKT Congress 2008 – final programme [DOC]

Topic: The Intertwinement of the market-economy, the visual arts and artinstitutions

2007Vaduz, Liechtenstein / Minutes of the General Assembly 2007 [DOC]

IKT Congress 2007 – final programme [DOC]

Topic: Curatorial practice and its legal implications

2006Paris, France / Minutes of the General Assembly 2006 [DOC]

IKT Congress 2006 – final programme [PDF]

Topic: Funding of contemporary art institutions

2005Warsaw/Krakow, Poland / Minutes of the General Assembly 2005 [DOC]

Topic: Artists as contemporary witness and the limits of sociological vision

2004San Sebastian, Spain / Minutes of the General Assembly 2004 [DOC]

Topic: Coherence or dissonance in curatorial practice

2003Netherlands / Minutes of the General Assembly 2003 [DOC]

Topic: Architecture and Museology. From the inside out

2002Copenhagen, Denmark / Minutes of the General Assembly 2002 [DOC]

Topic: Globalisation and contemporary art practice

2001Siena, Italy / Minutes of the General Assembly 2001 [DOC]

Topic: The function of art in the city

2000Edinburgh, Scotland

Topic: Enlightened government policies

1999Lisbon, Portugal / Minutes of the General Assembly 1999 [DOC]

Topic: How to do a museum of contemporary art in the end of XX century?

1998Budapest, Hungary

Topic: The philosophy and praxis of cultural exchange

1997Barcelona, Spain

Topic: Art and utopia

1996Lyon, France

Topic: The institutions for contemporary art and the comeback of populism

1995Venice, Italy

1994Malmo/Copenhagen, Denmark

Topic: Reflections on the process of exhibition-making

1993Leeds, UK

1992Rotterdam, Netherlands

1991Bologna, Italy

1990Vienna, Austria

Topic: Exhibition as medium

1989Berlin, Germany

1988Budapest, Hungary

1987 – ?

1986 – ?

1985 – ?

1984Gent, Belgium

1983Lyon, France

1982Amsterdam, Netherlands

1981Vienna, Austria

1980Helsinki, Finland

1979Zurich, Switzerland

1978Edinburgh, UK

1977Berlin, Germany

1976Graz, Austria

1975Rotterdam, Netherlands

1974Humlebaek and Helsingør, Denmark

1973Berlin, Germany: Inaugural Meeting of Internationale Kunstausstellungsleitertagung (IKT) e.V.

For more details, please see the IKT timeline based on IKT member Stephanie Seidel's research.

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